White Collar Criminal Defense Testimonials

Patrick is of the highest caliber and integrity. I have referred numerous clients to him and all were extremely satisfied with his work, process and results.

Howard E. Brechner
Weiner Law Group
I have worked with Mr. Mullin for many years, mostly in Manhattan, and I consult with him, or refer clients to him, whenever a securities matter in our office raises issues of tax compliance. Mr. Mullin is without peer in his field, a bona fide expert in both the tax and trial aspects of white-collar defense. He is also supportive and compassionate toward clients in the most serious kinds of trouble.

George Brunelle
Brunelle & Hadjikow
Mr. Mullin is an excellent attorney. His experience and skillset are far above average. He also exhibits professionalism and integrity in all that he does. Every client I have sent to him has been more than happy with his services.

Nicole Le Beouf
Shackelford, Melton & McKinley, LLP
Mr. Mullin is a highly capable attorney and displays complete mastery of his chosen field. It has been a pleasure working with him on a variety of matters

We have worked with Patrick Mullin for over fifteen years and have referred clients to him. He has achieved remarkable results for many clients, even against the odds. His attention to detail, meticulous preparation and mastery of the law make him our first choice when referring criminal defense for tax issues or white collar criminal issues.

James D. Rice
Rice Law Group
Our firm has had the opportunity to work with Mr. Mullin as co-counsel on a criminal matter. We also contact him regularly for his insight and opinion. Mr. Mullin is knowledgeable, professional and has tremendous experience. He is an excellent attorney and someone we hold in high regard.

Daniel Rosenberg
Daniel M. Rosenberg & Associates
"Patrick Mullin consistently provides exceptional counsel to all clients. While each case is unique, he utilizes any and all resources possible to define the most complex issues in a clear, concise and understandable format for presentation in defense of his clients. His work ethic is second to none. The law practice is headquartered in the New York metropolitan area however he has an impeccable record of successfully representing clients throughout the entire country."

Joseph Salerno
Financial Compliance & Investigative Services LLC
Mr. Mullin is probably the best in his field. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of tax law combined with outstanding skills as a trial lawyer. For someone who has been accused of a crime by the IRS or another government agency, he is the person to go to. He is also compassionate and pleasant, which is especially important to someone in real trouble. - George Brunelle, Brunelle & Hadjikow, P.C. (Manhattan)

George Brunelle
Brunelle & Hadjikow
Patrick is the go to guy. He is the number one in his field and is highly regarded by all in his litigation community

He’s very good at his craft. Nothing but excellent. I my opinion he’s one of the best lawyers in New Jersey.

Patrick Mullin is without reservation the go to lawyer in criminal matters and taxation issues both in state and federal courts. Year after year Mr. Mullin ups his game to the very top of the profession. His expertise and legal acumen are second to none. He is truly one of the best criminal lawyers in the country!

Jose Baez
The Baez Law Firm
Patrick Mullin is far and away the most knowledgeable attorney in his field. His knowledge of the law as it relates to the tax code are exceptional. As impressive as his resume is, it is surpassed by his personality. I would recommend Mr. Mullin to anyone looking for the very best

Mr. Mullin is an outstanding attorney who is a consummate professional. He is respected by both Prosecutors and the Defense Bar alike. Mr. Mullin possesses decades of experience and guides his clients through complex legal matters with his practical and creative advice. I recommend Patrick Mullin without hesitation.

Robert Perry
Daniel M. Rosenberg & Associates
Patrick Mullin helped me with a personal matter and revolved it exactly as we agreed to do so. He was amazingly personal and amenable to all my suggestions, and he steered me perfectly to a swift and positive resolution that I required. He is an amazing lawyer.

Mr. Mullin has won some very difficult cases for his clients overcoming great odds. He is my first choice when I have someone who needs help in his areas of expertise, tax and criminal defense work. His follow through and thorough, meticulous attention to detail are impressive. I have known him professionally for approximately ten years.

James D. Rice
Rice Law Group
Mr. Mullin is the best and most effective attorney with whom I have ever worked. In less than three months he solved a pending international tax issue for me that two other international lawyers had failed to move forward in over a year. He and his team throughly studied my tax issue, an unfair effort to assess me and charge taxes on funds for which I had already paid taxes on in my country of origin. Mr. Mullin found the right international agreements legislating that I should be exempt from further tax. Mr. Mullin resolved my issue with the IRS agreement that I did not owe them any money at all. His expertise, his efficiency, his clear and reassuring communications with me as a client, and his cost-effectiveness have been exceptional. I felt very cared for and protected by Mr. Mullin and his team. I will be forever grateful for his and his firm's services. I can recommend him without reservation.

I have referred matters to Mr. Patrick A. Mullin. I have always received excellent feedback. Mr. Mullin is my go-to lawyer regarding most matters on the Eastern coast, especially white-collar crime, tax matters and other criminal matters. When everything is on the line, Patrick A. Mullin is the person I turn to.

John Ambrogi
Partridge IP Law P.C.
Mr. Patrick A. Mullin is the most knowledgable attorney that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is very thorough and diligent in his work ethic, and his entire staff is as well. During our case, he was open and transparent about all the legalities of our situation. The service and attentiveness shown to us was outstanding during our times together. Over the three years of the legal process, Mr. Mullin was constantly in contact with us and keeping us abreast of any new developments.

Patrick A. Mullin was very professional and handled my case with detailed attention. He was thorough and always held my best interest in the highest regard. Patrick's guidance and counsel provided comfort and assurance to my family and me throughout a difficult time in my life.

Mr. Mullin has outstanding courtroom skills, impressive knowledge of criminal defense procedures and substantive issues, and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.

I have worked with Patrick A. Mullin on several white collar cases. He is an excellent attorney and has a history of providing very good results for his clients. I would always feel comfortable in referring cases to Patrick as I know anyone I refer to Patrick will receive outstanding legal representation.

Robert H. Williams
Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A.
Patrick A. Mullin is the most consummate professional with whom I have ever been associated. He is accessible at any time to receive a phone call or an impromptu meeting. His knowledge, not only of tax law, but of law in general, is immeasurable. The preparation that he and his office bring to the practice of law is very impressive. During my many years of being associated with Mr. Mullin, he was always courteous to my family and me, as well as opposing counsel, even under the most difficult of circumstances. Mr. Mullin deserves to be recognized as one of the best lawyers in the country, and of course in my opinion, the best lawyer in the country.

Patrick Mullin is a brilliant, extremely knowledgeable attorney. In my case, in addition to what I have already stated, he was always available, always made me feel comfortable and provided his undivided time and attention in answering all of my legal questions and concerns with great patience and genuine concern for my well-being. He gets my highest recommendation and respect as an attorney and an outstanding and caring gentleman. The Law Firm of Patrick Mullin should have top billing in "The Best Lawyers" in addition to the "The Best Law Firms" publications.

My experience with Patrick Mullin was in short life saving. The professionalism, thoroughness and empathy I received, immediately alleviated my worries from the most stressful period of my life. His great work allowed me to continue an existence with peace of mind. Inspiring confidence during a grave situation is priceless. Mr Mullin's positive demeanor and tremendous acumen of the legal system is outstanding.


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