Civil & Criminal Tax Audit Defense

An IRS tax audit is an examination of your income and expenses to ensure that you correctly reported your tax liability to the IRS. All types of tax returns are subject to audit, including income, business, estate, and gift tax returns.

If you receive a notice of a civil audit, you will be required to produce all supporting documentation for that year’s tax return. Audits can be requested years after the return was actually filed. The IRS may generally impose additional tax liability for up to three years after a return was due or filed (whichever is later). However, if there was an underreporting of more than 25% of gross income states in the original return (or 25% of gross estate or gifts). Accordingly, it is advisable to keep copies of all returns and supporting documentation for at least seven years. Notice of an audit should not be taken lightly; serious civil fines – and even criminal penalties – are possible results from a civil IRS tax audit.

Tax Audit Defense

I've chosen to focus my law practice on Federal Criminal & Civil Tax Defense. Over the last 40 years, I've earned a successful track record working with both the IRS and the Justice Department in high stakes white collar criminal and tax matters. In addition to having argued before the United States Supreme Court in Washington, I have argued before federal courts throughout the country. I fight hard to enforce the rights of my clients, and I believe in the integrity of that fight.

If you have questions or concerns about the IRS federal tax amnesty program, your tax shelters, undisclosed foreign accounts or assets, or other IRS issues, I invite you to contact me directly to discuss them at 888-700-1555 or

You will discuss your concerns with me, personally. Never an associate or a paralegal. In addition, you should know that your contact with me, and with my firm, is privileged under the law, regardless of whether or not you decide to retain my firm to represent you.

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